Weston Millwork Company Shipping Policy

Weston Millwork Company is in the business of making reproduction window sash.  We are not in the freight business.  However, since most of our customers are not in our local area, our products have to be either picked up by the customer or they must be shipped.   We ship goods as a courtesy to our customers.   We will build foam-board lined cardboard boxes or foam-board lined wood crates and pack the window sash, and arrange for shipping either by FedEx for small and lightweight items, or by common carrier (LTL) for larger and heavier items.

Weston Millwork Company ships all goods F.O.B. our facility in Weston Missouri.   This means that Weston Millwork Company is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the care and safe handling of our products once they leave our premesis.  While there has been only two incidences of product damage during transport in 25 years of shipping millwork all over the United States, if an issue arises relating to damage or loss it must be handled between the customer (owner) and the freight carrier.  Weston Millwork Company is not responsible to repair or replace any article damaged during shipping. 

If this policy is not acceptable to any of our customers, we will be happy to load the goods on a suitable truck arranged by the customer, or the customer is welcome to pick up the goods themselves.

We pass on all freight charges directly to the customer, and we do not add any additional charges to the freight bill.  A copy of the freight bill will be sent to the customer upon notice.

In the event that the estimated freight charges do not agree with the actual charges received from the carrier, we will bill or refund the difference, if the difference amounts to more than $10.00.

We take great care in packing your millwork so that it will be well protected during shipment.  Wood crates are made from framed 7/16" OSB, banded, and palletized for easy movement by pallet jack or forklift trucks.  The crates are lined with 1/2" thick (for open sash) or 1" thick (for glazed sash) foam board and the sash are separated by corrugated cardboard sheets.  Boxes for small items such as a single sash are made from corrugated cardboard and lined with 1/2" or 1" foam board as described above.



Articles shipped by common carrier are usually insured at $10.00 per lb. of freight by the carrier.  This amount is sometimes sufficient to cover the cost of the freight, while other times this amount is insufficient, depending on the value/weight ratio.   We are informed by our freight brokers that a claim against the carrier can take months to process.   If wanted, separate insurance can be purchased to cover the actual value of the shipment, but there is a $500.00 deductable against the settlement to the customer.   Our freight broker has stated that this separate insurance policy provides a much easier and faster method to make a claim compared to filing a claim against the shipper.  

Documentation is important in filing an insurance claim.   First, NEVER sign the delivery ticket without first inspecting the shipment.  Signing the delivery receipt essentially releases the carrier from any and all responsibility.  We have spoke to customers that received their goods days or even weeks prior and have not yet opened their crate.  This is a common but VERY RISKY PRACTICE!  The boxes or crates should be opened and inspected and any damage noted on the delivery ticket.  Always report any external damage to the packaging or crate on the delivery ticket before signing it.  Taking pictures of the damage to the packaging as well as the articles is a good idea.  In some cases internal damage can be reported up to 3 days later, but this varies by the individual companies' policies.  The sooner any damage is reported, the more likely the result will be a sucessful claim.