Reproduction Moulding

We can Duplicate your moulding and ship it anywhere between California, Washington, Maine

We specialize in reproducing moulding that is no longer available from local sources.  We have replicated as little as 5 lineal feet to as much as several thousand feet.  While it is true that larger orders cost less per unit, we believe that you will find our moulding prices to be very competitive.  This is because our antique moulding machines are very easy to set up, and are much more versatile than their modern counterparts.  In addition, our old machines can faithfully reproduce moulding better than modern machinery because our machines were built at a time when many of the historic profiles were originally produced.   In fact, it is possible that one of our machines actually produced your original moulding!  As seen in the above photo, base and cap moulding reproduced from original sample.

 Not only do we have thousands of original profile knives in stock, we have the capability of grinding our own knives for an exact match to YOUR pattern. 

Universal moulding catalogs from the 1880s to WWII reveal that what is available in moulding today pales in comparison to what used to be available.  In addition, the patterns still available today are thinner and smaller than the originals.  So let Weston Millwork company help you by accurtaly re-creating your missing or deteriorated molding.  Send us a sample or a sketch of your moulding's section with dimensions along with the quantity and wood species needed for a quote.

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